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Originally Posted by ericsmc83 View Post
Some times from BMW's:

Ravi's HPF e46 M3 12.89@122
Montego e92 335i 15.56@97 *rough launch
Ravi's HPF e46 M3 12.76@120
Black e46 M3 14.73@97
Montego e92 335i 14.29@100
Black e46 M3 14.96@98
Silver e46 M3 13.99@102
Black e46 M3 14.46@??

I got a video of a white (Mookster?) and a black E46 M3 going head to head, but I recorded it with my cell phone and the quality is garbage.

Turnout was pretty mediocre for such a nice day. There were maybe 30 street cars total. The weather made it worth it for sure!

Not sure if the Montego E92 is on the forum, but he had the vanity plate TRBOBMR.
Hey Everyone,

I ran my HPF Stage 2 last friday. I was running on Pump and meth, with street tires. On my first pass, the 12.8 @ 122.95, I had the a/c on, and I rolled through 1st and 2nd, and WOT in third and fourth. My 0-60ft was 2.657..

Second pass, I made sure the a/c was off.. lol I rolled 1st and 2nd again but shifted early into 3rd.. ran a 12.7 @ 120

I was impressed with the car, as i wasnt gunning for times but more for trap speeds.. Im pretty confident I can get a 125mph trap on pump and meth.. I need to mount up those slicks..

I wish i met some of you guys there, I had to cut out early.. Lets set-up another date!