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Originally Posted by ravij View Post
Hey Everyone,

I ran my HPF Stage 2 last friday. I was running on Pump and meth, with street tires. On my first pass, the 12.8 @ 122.95, I had the a/c on, and I rolled through 1st and 2nd, and WOT in third and fourth. My 0-60ft was 2.657..

Second pass, I made sure the a/c was off.. lol I rolled 1st and 2nd again but shifted early into 3rd.. ran a 12.7 @ 120

I was impressed with the car, as i wasnt gunning for times but more for trap speeds.. Im pretty confident I can get a 125mph trap on pump and meth.. I need to mount up those slicks..

I wish i met some of you guys there, I had to cut out early.. Lets set-up another date!

you need slicks for sure, but not sure how your smg would stand up to a hard launch
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