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Car and Driver tests 335i with n55

Good review overall

key quote though for those expecting more performance out of the N55:

There’s no improvement in the 335i’s performance, with BMW claiming a 0-to-60-mph time for the manual model of 5.4 seconds and 5.6 seconds for the automatic. Invariably, the company is pretty conservative with its claims, as we recorded 4.9 seconds for the last 335i we tested. Of course, we and many others figure the N54 was highly underrated from the factory and that the N55’s official output numbers might be more realistic. Thus, the new car might not match the N54-powered 335i’s acceleration time

also, for us XI owners, Mike Dushane, C&D VP gave us a little vindication in the comment section. He said:

We drive, test, and compare every vehicle on the market. If we spend our own money on a car (and we do, with no special deals), doesn't that tell you that it really is the best one in the class? I just bought a 2008 335xi coupe (my fourth 3-series). Don't you think the decade of experience I have evaluating vehicles professionally would lead me to the best car for the money? The CTS, A4, and G37 are all great cars, but the 3-series kills all of them on the ride/handling balance, it's got better seats than the CTS, better steering than the A4, and more refinement than the G37. I challenge anyone with significant seat and track time in all of these vehicles to contest that. When the CTS coupe arrives, we'll compare it with the 3-series coupe, and if it's better, we'll say so. I'd love to buy American—just give me a superior product. If we're biased, it's toward buying great vehicles.

Mike Dushane

VP Consumer Brand Product Development

Car and Driver
I did find that interesting considering there is very little out there in the mags about the 335xi/xdrive