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E92 alignment

I have a 335i delivered 9/28/06. Since delivery, going straight requires that the steering wheel be turned approximately 2-32 degrees to the left (e.g., 357-358 degrees). The shop forman at my dealer (BMW of Bayside) initally said, "it's a dynamic suspension; you have to give it time to break in". I didn't buy this, and pushed to have the allignment checked. He siad their machine was down, to wait a few months and schedule an appointment. I did so, and when I brought the car in for the service was told that, 1) they didn't have the software for this car downloaded to their machine yet, 2) it's not the front end, but rather the a steering column sensor that needs adjustment, and 3) as proof of (2), the car goes straight when you let go of the wheel (of course, not consistent with my driving experience on whatever road in Connecticut). This last explanation furthermore would seem only possible if it was 'drive by wire', which I don't believe is the case with the e92.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Am I correct about the 'drive by wire" notion? Does anyone have a favorite dealership in Connecticut?