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Originally Posted by NFS View Post
Tell me more about this YvesD.

Hypothetically, why would BMW replace injectors on a car which had suffered a 'minor' HPFP failure within 5000 miles? (ie HPFP had not failed, but was performing sub par).

Is this because of carbonisation?

Stay calm everyone, not all engines are affected at the end of the day, the trouble is the symptoms of a carbonised dying engine are exactly what everyone is describing, rough starts, HPFP failure, coil packs, gradual loss of performance etc etc.

The ECU is so clever it masks the real problem by adjusting everything else to compensate. Too clever for its own good.

BMW will change all the 'cheap' stuff first before considering a 10 grand engine rebuild!

A good pointer if you are concerned is to drain a bit of oil out. If it smells burnt and looks more yacky than normal......get it tested by a lab, quick.

The good news is that all this stuff can be fixed, thats what we have a warranty for at the end of the day.