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E92 is drive by wire, but only for the throttle. Steering mechanism still has a hard mechanical contact. If you have active steering you may feel corrections by the system but only in certain conditions, ie, when you get a large crosswind at 80mph your vehicle will swerve slightly even though the steering wheel may be at the staight 0 degree position inherently due to suspension design, suspension compression, caster angle, etc. and the AS may adjust your steering input to straighten the vehicle out. (also in emergency situations) That is if you have AS.

Assuming your tire pressure is even and correct, tire condition is comparable left and right, experiencing no tramlining, and the road is even, not banked (even though most of them are)........

If your vehicle is tracking straight (even though the steering wheel may not be at the 0 degree position,) when you let go of the wheel at high speed, it sounds like a simple steering wheel adjustment.

If you let go of the wheel and the vehicle goes off track, then you have an alignment problem. Alignment is where most auto service shops rip off the customer the easiest. They love doing alignments. Most will just throw it on the alignment machine and just eyeball it. If is somewhat ok, they'll take the car off. If you really want to get a correct alignment, something that you can take to the track, go to a reputable alignment shop who will do it for you with you in the drivers seat. Your weight, how much fuel you have, etc. will all affect the alignment albeit slightly.

(camber adjustments will not make the car go off track. It will make it turn in faster or slower, may be a little jumpy. Toe settings might throw off the vehicle if they are not exactly the same left and right. all of these will kill your tires though.)