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Originally Posted by klinkerklu View Post
^Sorry to hear. It's not a fun club..
Funny, drive-thru's tend to exacerbate the problem, since it boundes off the building. Same thing happened to me at Wendy's a few weeks ago. The person in the car with me was like, "isn't this a new car? Should we get out of the car?! WTF?!!" It was totally quiet up until we were sitting getting ready to order & I had to yell even louder into the speaker.
We are STILL waiting for new lifters. Not that it really matters, I don't think they will solve anything.
It appears you are on your 3rd week now for lifters?? Have you had a loaner for that period?? I went out and started my car to see if the ticking was there tonight, but nothing. The engine was still warm though.

Is there anyone who posted early in this thread that had the cams, lifters, etc replaced and has no reoccuring problem?

Thanks for posting the audio file. The same exact noise I heard today.