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BMW of Fairfax Blows!

Besides the fact that I can't get phone calls returned from anyone at the dealership, and that my service experience with these clowns has been piss poor, I needed to get my 30,000 mile service performed before I went on a trip to North Carolina. As BMW of Fairfax is the closest dealership to my home, and that the 30k service is basically a quick once-over, I brought it in.

No sooner did I get it back after the service - literally on my drive home from the dealership - my Low Oil warning indicator light came on. Checking the oil level via iDrive, it was well below the minimum level! I had to put a quart and a half in it (which I luckily had in the trunk) to bring it up to normal. Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't checking and topping off the oil level one of the easiest things they can do at the 30k service?

Just another example of the horrible service you can expect from arguably the worst BMW dealership in Virginia...and probably elsewhere!