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Originally Posted by bdkevoIX View Post
You can keep dreaming.
Let's lay out some facts here:
1. Atlantic motor sports is notorious for their high reading "dynopack" dyno.
2. Atlantic motor sports is NOT buschur racing. Are you trying to say their tuner is as good as David Buschur who has put out pump gas 9sec cars?
3. You have mild cams, and you will be on 93 octane, no meth. Tell me how you'll make 400whp easy?
4. I have been in evo scene long enough to see how much power a certain combination of parts can make. And let me tell you my friend, you will NOT make 400+whp with those parts and fuel. If you don't believe me, get it tuned, see 400whp on AMS's dynopack and take it to the track. You'll see right around 113-115mph if you're full weight.
If you had read it better i am saying that BUSCHUR is better than AMS because car with my SAME mods but with no straight pipe made MORE power than my AMS tune and its not AMS in chicago its AMS in maryland (not the same) and i forgot to mention that i have AEM EMS and YES i will make 400 theres PLENTY of DynoFlash vids that show cars with my mods pushing that... so its not HARD once again it all depends on who does the tunning. i can get ALL the parts in the world and tune it my self and probably only make 400 IF THAT i take it to a master like Buschur and he can make the think fly!