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Here is the results of my earlier post regarding my ticking noise. As previously posted the Dealer called me on a Thursday and said a Rep was coming on Monday to inspect the problem and they did hear the ticking noise. I got the car back on Tuesday night., so they had it 5 days. I walked around the car in the dark it looked fine. They told me that the ticking i have is normal and My engine build did not have the lifter problem. My car was built around 4/2006. While it was there they also fixed the peeling driver inside door hand pull. A few days later i saw ripples in my front bumper. I checked it out further and they obviously hit and patched up my bumper.(Now i understand why they kept it for 5 days, with a quote normal engine sound and a bogus service rep. They needed time to fix my bumper.) I took it back in and they lied to me saying the bubbling was from me hitting something and the metal behind the bumper caused the bumper to bubble out...CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT BS!!! I took it to a body shop and they said it was a bad patch job and it bubbled. The dealer wont return my phone call.... Plus i found other scratches on my car that were not there before... I have been traveling and have not had time to pursue this further...but i will get a resolution if i have to go to court.