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Originally Posted by Edison.528 View Post
Hey guys im new to this site i currently own a 2003 EVO and im looking to get a 335i coupe. What would you guys say? I know i will lose all the power i currently have but i feel like im done with the whole racing and trying to be the best one around game.... I want to be able to pull somewhere and look good, but at the same time still handle business out on the road when it presents itself. I currently push 336WHP and 364WTQ but with the other parts i havent installed yet i will easily look at 420WHP. You guys think its worth it? AND its not a cheap looking car. its one of the Cleanes ones you will ever see. I will post pics of my EVO when its out the shop (getting new hood) and see what you guys think. THANKS!
I Had an Evo 8 years back and now have the 335i and I am much happier with the 335i for daily driving. The Evo makes a better track car out of the box but the BMW is just so sweet to drive and the interior is 1 gazillion times better. The Evo still steers quicker with its 2.2 turns to lock, stock Advans are amazing and the brakes are top notch the car just works. The 335i performs pretty well much like your an Evo with an interior that you will admire every day after driving the Mitsubishi .
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