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Question Diesel Performance Tune?

Hello Everyone,

I am new to diesels, but love my 335d and know based on this forum that people are squeezing amazing numbers out of these little engines. My curiosity comes from these 'chip' modifications or tuners?

I have spoken to several tuners directly and all but one (Dinan) said that they have or are producing a chip that ramps up the hp/tq but does not effect the fuel efficiency!? How is this possible?

I have searched for this question for a day or two to prevent a re-post, but cannot find anything. Common sense from tuning gasoline powered engines says that this is impossible; more power = more fuel = less efficient.

Is there something about diesels that I have completely missed or is everyone blowing smoke for the sake of marketing? My only thought would be that it has something to do with throttle position and as long as you don't have the accelerator passed say 75% the car operates as normal? Again, just a thought...Any ideas??

Thanks for any and all help.