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I'm so pissed off with this car. Heard the ticking briefly this morning, about 20 seconds and nothing since. I am going to revive this thread over on as well. This is really scary that a solution cannot be pinpointed and I want to hear if people with 07s are starting to have this problem. Of what I can tell so far is that the earliest production date I have seen is from March 06 and the latest is the person who had the noise on an 07. I think this is bad, its not a simple bad run of parts, but a more serious design issue.

The dealer I bought my car through was incredible on the Sales and delivery side, and I will be buying my next car from them, if their service dept is the same. I'll send a post out over the weekend on the other board. And I will post all info I get from my service dept.

I was suppose to get my windows tinted tomorrow with the Huper Optik. One of the few places in Raleigh that does it is the Lexus dealer. They had a good laugh when I called to cancel my appt and they asked why. Well, I'm not going to lie. I've also got the buring anti-freeze smell in my car, right turn signal not working, and a whining sound when I drive between 30-50 mphs, oh, and brakes that crunch. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: