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Thanks to all that are following this thread, its a darn long journey!
Everyday I find something new I want to do on the car! But I guess I'll have to stop at one point and just enjoy the results!

Strangely enough I did manage to get down to the workshop tonight but it was dark and hard to take happy snaps!

The most intresting thing I learnt though is that the M3 muffler does just exactly that but more so that even the stock 335i muffler! I only rev'd it a few time standing still but I think either it hasn't changed much or has become quieter, which I dont really mind so long as it doesn't impact the performance. I've requested that the workshop do a dyno with and without the M3 Muffler to see how detrimental it is to performance!

Other things of interest are in the pictures but it was too dark to get any photos of the FSDs and I forgot to take a picture of the Meth tank in the boot!
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