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Originally Posted by Rochdale Pioneers View Post
OK now I am confused. The ED is so clean than in the UK the car costs virtually nothing to tax (you have to buy a licence disc for every car each year) - I could have one as a company car and it would cost about 40% less in tax than my E91 320d.

Are your emissions standards designed to ban the use of diseasel in America? Because if you can't get ultra efficient EURO-V compliant engines like this, then you can't get anything.
Emissions regulations in the US are more stringent when it comes to particulate and nitrogen emissions, two areas where diesels traditionally do worse than gasoline engines. The Diesel Particulate Filter in modern diesels allows them to comply with regulations when it comes to particulates, and urea exhaust injection allows them to comply with nitrogen emissions regulations. The problem is fitting the vehicles with these systems and making it cost effective, but that's a challenge I think BMW is more than capable of meeting.