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2006 325i Valve Cover Gasket Leaking?? Or Something Else??

Hi All,
I have a 2006 325i with 102,xxx miles. I purchased it back in February (For a great price) and knew it was leaking oil.
It appears that is coming from right around the valve cover gasket. I can see leakage all around it. My concern is that there is pooling around the engine and in the bottom tray of the car, and my garage is covered with a large spot of oil! Is this a possible cause of just a vcg or is there something else leaking too?
Anyways, I plan on doing the valve cover gasket myself. Can anyone give me a heads up on some pointers?
I figure for about $60 for the gasket and new bolts, and some time and swearing, it sure beats paying a dealer!

Any help is greatly appreciated!