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Originally Posted by Thud View Post
It's all marketing. The 335d proves that BMW knows how to make a 50-state legal diesel motor. The rest is brand perception.

In the US, 4 cylinder diesels are associated with econoboxes (Golf TDI for example), but not the luxury/performance brand the BMW is perceived to be in the US. Plus, many Americans still associate diesels with noisy trucks or old Mercedes diesels spewing black exhaust.

I think BMW introduced the 335d and x35d cars first because they are high performance. Audi and Mercedes are slowly introducing more diesels too.

It'll happen, it'll just take time. I wouldn't be surprised if the next-gen 3 series is available with more than one diesel motor.

I'd BUY the 320d if it came with the same 4yr/50k warranty without looking at anything else in the market.

Perhaps with F30 arrival, things will change in the US of A