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Originally Posted by Kolyan2k View Post
hybrids are only in USA, such a huge number of SUVs are only in USA, stupid drivers are only in USA, poor built roads are only in USA (compared to other civilized countries)......Why ? Its a pretty easy question.....
Hybrids are very popular in Japan, and make sense in any congested urban area. (They do no make sense in suburbia).

SUVs are common in other parts of the world. Their popularity in the United States has a great deal to do with national policies that treat them as trucks for certification purposes and gives them better tax treatment when used in a business. Add aggressive marketing by the car companies,a lack of critical thinking skills in the population and poor driver training and we get Soccer Moms who don't realize that they are driving a truck.

Stupid drivers are not unique to the United States. Ask a West German about how the unification of Germany has effected the roads. Or just drive in France.

The United States is at a big disadvantage with regard to road quality when compared to other industrialized countries for the simple reason that the country is so large. Germany could never afford to build roads to their current standards if they had to build as many miles of highway per 1,000,000 population as the United States.