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I did not like Prestige!

My experience started with a phone call earlier in the day to set up an appointment to test driving and then hopefully purchasing an e92 that night. So I go to the dealership around 6pm for my appointment and the sales associate I was meeting was on her way out the door as I walked in so she passed me along to someone else. As I re-explained to the new associate some of the options I had already explained over the phone they tried to find the test car they told me that would be waiting. About 10 minutes go by and they tell me that one of the other sales associates took it home. Fortunately the guy was cool enough and headed back to BMW so I could take the test drive. A quick 10 minute drive convinced me that I would be getting an e92. We get back to the dealership and I wait at my SA desk as he and another person go outside to appraise my trade in. Watching them from the window I see they are struggling to open up the hood of my car. I actually thought it was pretty hilarious, have they ever touched a car before? It reminded me of the scene from Zoolander when they try to get the info out of the computer!! Ha! So the SA comes back in and says something along the line of: the car must have been in an accident since we had trouble opening my hood. I let them know I can show them how to open the hood if you donít know how. Anyway I explain I want to do ED and wanted some more details on how it would work. I already made up my mind that I would not be purchasing from them but I figured I would waste some of their time considering I drove 50 minutes to get to them and had to put up with their BS. The SA tells me that he does not do ED and the person to speak to had already left for the day and he would have to get back to me tomorrow. I never received a call from him. I guess he was too embarrassed because they couldnít open up the hood. Maybe this was not a typical experience with them but it was enough to keep me away. I hope know one has the same!