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2. With a lease, all items (like wear-and-tear) are accounted for, coz you get a new one.

3. Extended warranty is a significant hidden cost, and it also has asterisks about what is fully covered.
2. Have you ever been through a lease inspection when you're returning the car? They inspect every millimeter of the car with a magnifying glass.

3. No such thing as a free lunch. The estimated price of warranty is already factored into the price of the car, regardless of it's a buy or lease.

With leasing, you're going to be making monthly payments forever. While with buying, one day the car will eventually be yours and the monthly payments will stop.

I personally can't lease a car now because of the mileage I put on. But there are cars out there I would consider leasing (would have to be a 2nd car for me and not a DD) as oppose to buying because the value would severely tank after several years.