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I leased the 335i coupe which is about to up in a few months...

In the past I have financed but this time around i thought id try leasing with BMW. The base price for 08 335i coupe was 40,600 (or really close to this number with logic 7 standard), i was able to get 1k over invoice (for 08 model, alot of dealers wouldnt cut any deals below MSRP) making the lease payment very attractive.

Fast forward 2.5 years later, I am now thinking of buying my car out. One feeling I did love about when the car was under lease was that if it had gone to a major accident or was simply a lemon, i knew i could turn it in couple of years. I would lease again, but i dont see any affordable cars in the market that interest me except the M3 perhaps (and i dont feel like paying that much extra for an //M badge). The buyout is also set at 26k which doesnt seem to bad.

I noticed in general, that some people who leased 07/08 335 got lucky with the buyouts as well (1-2k below the buyout value).