Thread: BMW e90 lpg?
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BMW e90 lpg?


Sorry if this has been asked b4 but i was just wondering if anybody here has had their BMW E90 professionally converted to LPG?

I have a 2007 BMW E90, 318Se, thankfully i don't have the efficient dynamics on my model which i suspect would complicate any LPG installation.

Does anybody know which LPG system is best for my car? Also will an LPG system upset the BMW internal computer mangament system of my car; i know the diagnostics of the car are very sensitive - i don't want to end up with an LPG system fitted which caused a light to flash up on my dashboard!!

My LPGA approved installer believes a BRC system would be suitable - my car is the 2007 model before efficient dynamics so does not have direct injection (which i believe is not really compatible with lpg)

Any helpful comments appreciated