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Originally Posted by Rando View Post
I see this thread has moved into a typical leasing vs. buying FINANCIAL thread...

What I was trying to raise were the numerous hidden costs of buying...

- You have to pay for maintenance after 4 yr/50K miles
- You have to pay for extended warranty
- Suspension components and other items are more worn out (more hard-core drivers will definitely feel this)
- The navigation DVD will eventually be pretty out of date... costs a few hundred to get a new one
- Actual sale price of a bought car is often much worse than you expect when you actually go try to sell it

I purchased a new e46 and kept it for 10 years and 184,000 miles. Did not buy an extended warranty, nothing broke for the first 100,000 miles. Maintenance was minimal (15,000 mile oil changes and 7500 oil filter changes). I also didn't replace a lot of items, shocks, struts, springs, coils, injectors, starter, alternator etc etc etc....

If you don't DIY, and you don't plan on keeping it for at least 7 years, and you need your car to be "perfect" (although, to me, my original shocks, springs, struts were fine) then buying is not for you.

With leasing you spent all this money and at the end of the day you have nothing to show for it.

If I was looking into a 335 I would definitely consider leasing. Too many problems and too many potential high repair costs (ie: twin turbo).