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Originally Posted by Blubaron79 View Post
I'm 1 1/2 years into my 3 year lease. I usually get a new car every 3 years, and when I trade my car in, I am ALWAYS upside down. I already know I am going to be about 5,000 miles over when I turn my car in. I like knowing that I might end up paying $2,000 out of pocket to cover the milage instead of being $8,000 upside down like I was on my last car. It makes sense to lease for me if I want a new car every 3ish years.
I love buying a new car. It's great shelling out $5K upfront and have the value of the car plummet as soon as I drive it off the dealer's lot. Also, I love it that my monthly payments are at least 20% higher than if I leased the thing. Oh wait, I forgot about the expensive maintenance after the warranty expires.

Seriously, there are pros and cons of both methods and it depends on the individual situation.
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