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Originally Posted by kgb1637 View Post
Leasing isn't for everyone. For people who don't drive much, enjoy getting new cars every 3 years, take advantage of the tax benefits then leasing is a great option. I have another vehicle that I can balance my mileage on so I can drive my car on a few vacations if I please. I paid $1500 at signing and pay $599 a month, hardly a high payment at all.
Exactly, I put down nearly 23k to get my payment down to $480's. We've all seen the arguments, you shoulda leased your 335i and bought Google stock with that 23k instead of putting it into a depreciating asset. How about putting that 23k into the S&P 500? Woulda been a bad move....the index is 16% lower today than it was in Dec. 2006.