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Originally Posted by msrothwell View Post
Among my various hobbies: cycling, running, hiking, and camping, I also enjoy flushing 20 dollar bills down my toilet. I like flushing the 20 dollar bills because I can flush more of them than the 100 dollar bills before my money runs out.
I've in my mind thought of it as throwing a giant bag of money out of the window while driving in the Turnpike. Maybe flushing is more like it?

Think about it, we get nickeled and dimed on a home refi--the 20 y.o. kid who dropped out of HS charges $85 to act as a notary. We pay those fees because we have no choice. Why in the world does anybody allow a leasing co. to charge them paperwork fees? Isn't that all generated by a pc in the finance mgrs. office?