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i went ahead and bought my 06 325xi privately last year. i searched about 2 months to get the best deal possible. i finally got it for 22500$ and only had to pay 1 tax. Here in montreal the dealers were asking for 30-31000 plus taxes (2 taxes).. Sold my old audi so the bmw actually cost me 18000 out of pocket. Anyway, the idea was to put the cash i saved towards future repairs. Also, the repair prices people factor in are all dealer prices. Since onwing the car for almost a year, ive had my oil changed, rear brake pads done, and cabin filter done, for about 250$ from my mechanic. Dealership rates would of easily been triple that.

if i held on to it for 5 more years id still get 10k if i sold it privately. So spending 8k for 6 years of ownership is a pretty decent deal.