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it's all about what you value and your personal situation.

1. With leasing, you don't have to worry about actually selling your car. In practice, it's really hard to get the "right" trade-in value for the car... it seems like the dealer can always get you there.
we all know you're not going to get value in trading in your car to the dealer, but it's worth the effort for some people to sell their car themselves to get more $.

2. With a lease, all items (like wear-and-tear) are accounted for, coz you get a new one.
sounds like math of a person who wants to buy something :-)

3. Extended warranty is a significant hidden cost, and it also has asterisks about what is fully covered.
not to re-hash the issue of whether or not to buy an extended warranty, but for some people, this isn't worth it or it's challenging to get full value out of the extended warranty. this is not a hidden cost as it's optional.

4. Maintenance. If you lease, you get full maintenance all the time, and don't have to worry about all those extra hidden costs later.
as mentioned several times already, this is built into the price of the car.

5. New technology. If you lease, obviously you get a new car and new tech every 3 years, with updated nav discs, safety features, engine tech, comfort features, etc...
buyers would argue that the cost of this is ongoing lease payments. again, back to what you value more - end of the tunnel with car payments or having the latest gadgets?

i've only leased a car once - a 2000 bmw m roadster - and have financed every other vehicle. i realized i'm the type to keep cars for long runs and don't mind DIYing. i do minor mods here and there so i tend to buy.

by contrast, a good friend of mine always leases, despite the economic means to buy. he's not much of a DIYer so i'm certain having the cars under warranty is a huge factor. he's a banker so i'm sure the lease into things that depreciate weighs in on it too.
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