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Originally Posted by Rando View Post
wj4: Actually what I meant is that you get all-new things, like engine, suspension, bushings, etc... all the little under-the-skin things that makes the cars great.

Also, I'm curious about the lease return inspections... do you have to pay for paint chips, interior wear, and that kind of thing? I'm guessing not...

Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
A good number of members on here lease their cars and modify them.

What's the difference of parting out a leased car and a car you bought? It's the same thing. When you trade in a car or sell a car, you revert back to stock because the aftermarket stuff you have on are useless.

Parts will always be able to sell unless somehow every single E9x in the world are wiped out.
After a 3 or 4 year lease youre probably not going to re-use your mods.