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Nobody seemed to have mentioned the two BIG factors which can help you while you lease

1. Loyalty MF reduction
2. MSDs and the transfers from one lease to another (another MF reduction toolbox)

Read about some guy who almost got such a low effective money factor as a result of the above two factors, that he was virtually paying no interest on depreciation.

Now, figure that one out with spring-summer incentives in place, you basically pay about $14-$17k for an E90 over 36 months. Currently for an MY10 when the MY11 just come out.

Car is still new in terms of technology, you don't care about resale as you lease. Smaller monthly payments, if the above two factors work!

Lease over and over, UNLESS you care about the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint by keeping the same car for 10 years or so.

We in North America are very fond of leasing I believe?
For a 75 year old buyer who starts leasing at the age of 21, ~18 cars would have been leased out, as opposed to just 7-9 cars if the buyer actually bought and not leased while keeping the car for about 7 years (some keep it longer, as one of the posters in this thread who has an E46).

Just my $0.02.

Originally Posted by galahad05 View Post
Isn't the F30 coming in 18 months or so? Anyone know?

Sorry for the minor threadjack. This ties into leasing and buying, though--if you bought or leased now, what would the 3-series landscape do to your resale and/or ability to get into the F platform?
In the current situation I would NEVER buy a new car, F3x would kill the resale value unless I am planning to keep the E90 up until the launch of successor of F30 after say another 8 years?

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