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Originally Posted by neology View Post
Just think about it:

Customer's view point:
Leasing: 3 yrs
Amount paid: ~ 19000
Interest on amount above: ~1700
Registration fee every year: 500*2: 1000
Extra Insurance: add an extra 20 per month for 2 yrs: 20*24 = 480

Buying the car: ~25K (includes taxes for an 07 e90 328i)
Selling the car:~10k (worst case assuming you've really beaten the crap out of it in mileage)
Registration: 50 every year: $150
Extra insurance: 0
Maintenance: depending on your luck: ~1500

Difference = 22500 - 16500 = ~ 6000 saved over 3 yrs

Dealerships view point:
Amount in interest: $4500 + dealer profit (1000) = $5500

CPOd vehicle:
Amount in profit= ~5000 (if you're smart you can get it down to ~4000)

For a dealer leasing and then getting it CPOd is more advantageous: Makes twice the money on the same car :-)

If you buy, the dealership doesn't have that much of a gain. They would rather that you lease. If you lease, you get a brand new car and no worries for 3 yrs as full maintenance is covered. I cannot really say it's complete peace of mind coz you'd be constantly thinking about the miles and the vehicle safety. Not sure how much you'd be able to enjoy the vehicle with those numbers running in your head all the time. So in short ... leasing is more expensive, but if that suits you, go for it :-)
wtf did you get those #s? Registration? Extra insurance? So if you buy your car you dont care if it gets hit? Do't you get it fixed anyway? Leasing isnt for everyone but your logic doesnt make sense.