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E-class is beautiful from the front and the sides. Rear shot is questionable. Nothing wrong with mercedes.
A5's side is very sleek but rear is a little boring. Performance has nothing to do with this voting.
The CTS has unique defined lines and nothing wrong with an american car.
The G37 is uglier than G35, and I don't understand why its the second best.

Subjective matter.

I voted for E-class front/rear 45* shot and rest for 335. I honestly thought other cars looked better, but voted for BMW due to the "Race" I belong. Biased. Very bad...
-E-class is definitely good looking from the sides, front is pretty good too, and the wheels are gorgeous. Please, Mercedes is the 'American' brand of the German brands.
-A5: You say sleek, I say weak. Can't stand those lazy, droopy, weak side body lines.
- CTS: "Unique defined lines", the front is okay, but the rest of the car is ugly as sin. If it's not German or Italian I couldn't care less about the car (with exceptions such as Vette, etc)
- G37: I used to think that as well, it's grown on me a little bit. I said second best as far as performance goes.
- E92: Is sex. Definitely the best.