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You guys are missing the point about the phone and wallet. I should have been clearer. They flew off the top of the car from where I had stupidly left them. I was lucky the tech noticed the thump and saw something in the mirror. He had to find all the stuff in the highway. I don't expect anyone to steal from me, let alone a tech. I cherish my small-town midwest upbringing where we never locked our doors or were afraid of strangers. But having the consideration to notice something like that and do something about it? That was cool, and I am very thankful.

If this was an isolated incident, fine. But time after time of consistent beyond expectations (mine are pretty high) service? Some complex modification jobs done right (search my car's history if you are interested), at very reasonable cost?

The dealership here has some outstanding employees -- it is about the people.

Oh, and the plugs, that was just to have them take a look at the color, which in my opinion was a perfect tan, but I wanted a tech that has seen a lot of plugs with 40-50k to see them to know what is going on with my car. I will post a DIY for plug changing when I get the time.