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Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
I don't know if anyone can actually confirm this, but I heard that BMWFS is not a bank and they pretend to be one by charging interest. Most other manufacturers will use 3rd party financial institutions (U.S Bank, Wells Fargo, Citizens, etc) for leasing and financing whereas BMW simply uses their own money to lend out to consumers. This is the reason why they can pretty much set their own lease and finance rates regardless of market conditions. Regarding residual values, they come up with some attractive number to get you to lease / finance and simply make up for the imaginary residual value by collecting your interest. The consumer & BMW wins at the end, but in reality are they really the best when it comes to residual values?

Hmm... According to KBB. BMW was #2 and in 2009 it is #6. In 2010 they remain #6. As you can see, with the economic climate, even #1 has taken a hit by 4%.
Im surprised at these residual this for 3years?
a 50k BMW is worth 22500 after 3years with 45% residual value?! I would have thought 50-55%