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Originally Posted by Angry3 View Post
Best post here. There's no such thing as a paid-for BMW.

And all this stuff about how the world ends if you run over your lease miles is crazy. How is paying $1600 to drive a $50,000+ car 10,000 miles during the prime of its useful life getting killed? I'm on pace to run over by 6-7000 miles on my lease and I could care less. The $800-900 I'll owe is a small price to pay for being able to take some trips and get some extra seat time in my 135 'vert.

In the end leasing vs. buying comes down to one's personal situation, what the individual values, and the math. Anyone arguing that leasing or buying is always is a bad idea just doesn't have a good understanding of the pros and cons of both approaches.
You know what isn't a myth? Looking back on a nearly 13 y.o. Nissan and saying, "What repairs have I had to pay for other than gas, oil, coolant, brake fluid, brakes, and tires?" Answer? cv joints and exhaust.

How stupid would one be to lease a new Nissan every 3 years? The whole unreliable car hidden cost extended warranty 3 years old is too old mentality goes completely out the window.