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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
Sure, many people think a 1998 somehow indicates a below avg. achievement, given the ease with which brand new BMWs are leased today. But that Nissan was 9 when I got the 335, and 12 when I paid-off the 335. The fact that I got around with the Nissan certainly helped to put the 335 in the garage.

In this thread I just read someone saying a car is not paid-off even when you think it is. Now that's an active imagination....
I am just saying that there is a 'value' to driving something that you like to drive.

If you have a beater that you drive to work basically for free so you can have a car that you like and enjoy at home (or if you don't care about cars at all) that is great. For me it would be depressing to have to drive a car that I don't like.