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Originally Posted by Chris.G View Post
So that makes it okay for them to kill civilian aid workers that were supposedly armed with clubs and knives (footage i viewed only showed chairs thrown). These guys were trained commandos with automatic weapons, the least they could have done was shoot legs or arms to disable the so called attackers.
NOBODY does this. If you employ deadly force, you had better mean to kill them. There is no standard for "shoot to wound", not by any military, police force or country. The use of deadly force means exactly that, deadly force. You can make an argument that deadly force was not justified, but by looking at the video of them getting attacked with clubs, chairs and knives, I'd say the response was measured and appropriate.

There were four Australians on board journalists and aid workers, one of the journalists had been shot in the leg. I really have a hard time believing a journo is a threat to Israeli seal team. I canít wait till we can get the findings of the U.N investigation into this matter.
In the heat of the struggle, where were these people? Standing right there I assume? It is very hard to discern the attackers from the bystanders in such close quarters. If you see troops fast-roping onto your ship, you have two choices: Defend & Repel or Hide. "Spectate" is not one of the choices. And, if you choose to Defend & Repel, then understand that injury or death are possible outcomes.

The lesson here? If you don't want to get shot, be somewhere else. If you want to protest and take action that puts you in the crosshairs, you had damn well better be ready for the consequences. Israel has never been one to pull punches, and any fool knows that.

Also: AP article out of Paris that the Turkish "charity" that organized this stunt has ties to terrorism...
AP INTERVIEW: Turkish aid group had terror ties
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