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Another Potenza Runflat question

I did some searching for Runflat replacements as my Potenzas are approaching 25k. There seems to be a known issue with the Turanza with regards to cupping. My Potenzas showed some cupping at about 10k and became noisier. BMW said the pressure was low and I've been watching it more closely since then. The cupping hasn't worsened and the noise hasn't worsened or improved. Is Bridgestone offering some discounts for replacements of the Potenzas or just the Turanza's?

I've read the ongoing Runflat vs. non Runflat debate since I bought my car and I want to stick with the Runflats, but there doesn't seem to be a large selection of replacement Runflats. The Potenza's appear to be available. I read some posts about Contis (had good experience with Contis on my E46), but don't see them as an option at TireRack; do I need to be looking somewhere else? Clearly the non-runflat contingent likes PS2s and F1s, but is there a consensus preference for runflats?

One final question: if I were to switch to non-runflats, would I have to ditch my 162 wheels or can I have non-runflats mounted to these wheels?