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Originally Posted by cycler View Post
If only what you said would only be true. I live in NY and the government is run by a bunch of libertards. There is a bill in the air that would make cops shoot to wound and not shoot to kills. They would have to aim at the perps arms and legs LOL.
Yeah, that is retardation on an epic scale. If the fools in NY government actually get this to pass, they'll be sued like crazy. "You killed my boy! You were supposed to just wound him! Now pay me!" Or "You wounded my boy, now he can never walk or play basketball, and he'll be shitting in a bag for the rest of his life! Now pay me!"

It is simple, you either are justified in using deadly force, or you are not. If you can't justify it (and have that stand up to a jury or peer review), you don't shoot, period. "Shoot to wound" is monumental stupidity....
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