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Originally Posted by selman View Post
so that gives right every nation can do samething in international waters..
Let me ask you something since you are being a little biased here because I think you are turkish. If you had intelligence that known terrorists were on board a humanitarian ship that could either be carrying weapons or aid and was coming to the shores of your country what would you do? How would you act when you told the ship countless times not to enter your waters and they kept coming?

By the way the turkish government might of condemed this as a political move and removed its ambassador from Israel however behind the scenes they are still trading military secrets with the israelis as well as weapons. That has not stopped. So you tell me, do you really think the Turkish government really cared what the Israelis did when they boarded? No they didnt especially when they knew known terrorists were on that ship. This was all about seeing how the US reacted and the US reacted perfectly for a change.