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Originally Posted by Corsa999 View Post
According to that chart, only 5 readings (in bold) out of the matrix of 60 measured items were "over the limit" proposed by the US Pharmacopeia.

So basically most of these suppliments are fine to take.

"Here are the average amounts of metals we found in three servings of these protein drinks. The maximum limits for them in dietary supplements proposed by the U.S. Pharmacopeia are: arsenic (inorganic), 15 micrograms (g) per day; cadmium, 5 g; lead, 10 g; mercury, 15 g. Amounts at or exceeding those limits are in bold."
Exposure to arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury is disease causing. Levels should be at or close to zero in these products. Why is it in there?!

Remember this is just three servings we're talking about. The article cautions multiple servings of these drinks on a consistent basis. Multiple exposures daily can result in bioaccumulation in the body over time. That's a real problem. Overloading your detox system isn't a good way to maintain or build muscle.