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New Details on BMW's upcoming 3-Cylinder Powerplants

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BMW Insider Scott26 has posted up some very very interesting and tantalizing news on BMW's future engine productions, which are of course very much in the vein of EfficientDynamics. The new engine in question is a 3-Cylinder engine that BMW has developed for use primarily within the next generation 1-Series (possibly 0-Series?), 3-Series and MINI cars and then would obviously filter its way into other cars in the BMW range in the typical fashion.

Whats most important here is the title. The new engine design will be based on a new 500cc per cylinder philosophy that could be used in a modular fashion in a fashion similar to how manufacturers can build many different sized cars based on a shared platform. So that means engines going anywhere from 3 cylinders to 8 cylinders could use the same design scaled up and down as BMW sees fit.

Because of the additional use of both turbo charging and direct injection, we should see some phenomenal engine output while retaining fuel economy relative to the given engine size.

Here is the original post in his words:

Three to Eight
500cc : A New Base in Engine Design

It is no secret that in terms of downsizing it's CO 2 levels BMW are moving to replace it's current range of engines with new Three,Four, Six and Eight Cylinders.

The new three cylinder will be part of a range of engines utilising a new common 500cc per cylinder base design which also uses Direct-Injection and Turbo charging. This engine will feature in many BMW models but will not be perceived as a Base engine or entry model.

The new 1er and 3er will receive it first but other BMW/MINI models will also inherit this engine.
Forget about the terms associated with Three-Cylinders such as weak or underpowered. This is a BMW engine and for a three cylinder it will offer excellent refinement with a sporting edge plus delivers an excellent CO2 output.
A lighter engine will also contribute to a weight reduction in the car also. The upcoming four cylinder Turbocharged engines in three range variants will also follow this procedure , The first TurboCharged four will be introduced in the new BMW 1er in 2011, and then follow into the BMW X3 which then follows the debut of the all new BMW 3er Sedan in late 2011.
The New range of Turbo charged engines will bring many new innovations for the first time in a new product launch and the 1er is that model.

The idea of using 500cc pe cylinder in future BMW engines which will rise from the 1.5 right up to a V8 will save resources in engine development costs and engine production.