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Scott said: "500cc from 3 to 8"

This means:
500cc x 3 = 1.500cc I3
500cc x 4 = 2.000cc I4
500cc x 6 = 3.000cc I6
Actually the V8 is:
550cc x 8 = 4.400cc V8
As Scott said "to 8", it means it will change:
500cc x 8 = 4.000cc V8
But as the V12 is also a 500cc:
500cc x 12 = 6.000cc V12
Why does not Scott say "500cc from 3 to 12" ?
I would then assume that the V12 is going to change and become
450cc x 12 = 5.400cc V12
or even this:
400cc x 12 = 4.800cc V12

But as the new V8 is going to be a 4.0l (500cc x 8), I wounder if we shall see a new V10
500cc x 10 = 5.000cc V10

derived from this new V8, which could take place in the new BMW Z Spyder Stradale ?