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any xdrive guru's in here? i think i have a broken transfer case "motor"

ok so i have my brake,abs,traction control,and 4x4! lights on all at the same time and when i start my car i hear a short little grind noise, and my xdrive is completely disabled

and all this happened just after i rolled out of warranty

another user on here (who's your daddy) had my exact same symptoms and the dealership replaced his part number 27-10-7-546-671 which they called the "transfer case servo motor" calls it the "transfer case set positioning motor"

and the bentley manual honestly doesn't list or explain the thing at all, in transfer case removal instructions it just says to unplug the "xdrive clutch actuator electrical harness" before taking the transfer case out, i'm assuming where that harness plugs in is this mystery motor.

now this little bastard is $650

anyone know exactly what it does/how it works?

if i should be able to change it myself?

bentley just shows how to remove the whole transfer case, says "internal transfer case repair is not covered, special press tools and procedures are required to disassemble and service the internal geartrain"

now i assume they're just talking about taking the whole thing apart, and i assume this motor just bolts onto the side of it, but i'd really like to know more before attempting to yank the thing off and somehow screw up my incredibly overcomplicated drivetrain.

i dunno if i should buy a bt tool first and see if a scan of the codes reveals anything else, or confirms this thing has gone bad

or get a independent bmw shop to diagnose it before dropping that kind of cash on a part

this really really really sucks

ANY help/info greatly appreciated, thanks for reading!