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Originally Posted by Carrera RSR View Post
What led me to buy a 924 Turbo was to convert to a 924 Carrera GT as I have loved these cars since 1980. Never actually made in white I just loved this and the rest is history. I plan to leave as narrow body for the short term and concentrate on getting the mechanicals spot on. Even though I have access to the wide body panels.

Cool - only white one was the proto by the look of it (or reps of course). All the sold ones were red, black or silver, with only 75 RHD. Is it me or does Guards red just look so so good on these?

What were the strips on the front/rear windows? Were these lightweight sliding jobs? No customer cars had this did they?

Go for it by the way.

PS I got my duck tail today for my 911. Funny how a cheap plastic body part circa 1973 can be such a source of excitement.