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Originally Posted by Guess
Alright, If you have a BMW Professional System, the subwoofer pin outs (for speaker level signals) is:

Left: Pin 4 + Pin 3 -

Right: Pin 23 + Pin 22 -

This is on the amplifier.

I will provide you guys with the connector in one sec.

In terms of the Remote wire, there is no such thing. The amp is activated by a on @ 8 Volts, off @ 6 Volts.. You need to use either a ignition wire (with the use of a remote line delay) or a speaker line remote.
It not for the"professional" system. Professional refers to the head unit aand not the amp.

The ones you list are for the "Hi-fi" system, which is standard in the USA, and one up from standard in Europe.

Logic 7 amp uses other outputs (8 and 18, 6 and 16)