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Video/Article: How to swap between street and race pads

Hi Guys,

I’ve posted a couple of brake-related articles and videos on this forum over the past year and have received a great response from other members. I recently finished my latest piece that focuses on swapping between street and race brake pads. This is a topic that constantly comes up as a problem area for track day enthusiasts. When done improperly, a whole string of bad things can occur…uneven pad deposits, vibrations, destroyed discs, etc. My purpose with this installment is to teach you how to avoid these issues. I thought this topic would be particularly relevant since track season is now in full swing.

On this particular piece, I’d strongly recommend you read the article before watching the video.

As with my prior efforts, this material is not intended to promote any one brand of brake pad, rotor, or brake system. The objective is to teach enthusiasts how to get the most out of whatever brake system they have on their car. My hope is that you’ll get more enjoyment out of your car, you’ll save money on brake parts, and we’ll all have fewer repetitive topics to wade through on this forum.

A few notes: When you click the link, please be patient and give the video a few seconds to load and buffer before viewing it. Finally, if you find this information useful, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the video page. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!