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Originally Posted by wow0848 View Post
I have a 2006 325i. and I just had this problem yesterday and replacing the fuse only worked for one day.
I sent in to dealer today but I am out of warranty.
I am guessing a 1k ~ 2k cost for me with this known problem.

Is there responsibility that BMW should take since this is a very common problem for E90?
Or is there something I can tell the dealer so they can solve this in a less costly way?
Will I be better off taking to other car shops?

have you recieved you car back? if so what did they end up doing and how much did it run you?

i found myself stuck with this problem this morning. after a couple of hours of freaking out and stressing myself sick i found some sites that all refer back to fuse 57. im going to try the suggestion of change it from 15 to 20 today after work and hopefully that works. otherwise i'll have to look for an idep service center.