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Originally Posted by Shinobi View Post
Funny, I was just talking to my friend about this. I told him that on, unlike other BMW boards, "taking it to the track" is more likely to refer to the dragstrip, then a road course.

I have searched, and most of the threads here are about drag racing and freeway races. My personal opinion is that the 335i would be fine for the track, but its weight is more of a detriment at autox events.

The thing is...track play and autocross are two different things to me..I use to compete in autocross in SF Region back when I had a B5 S4..and actually managed to get 3rd place for the 2000 season in C-SP class..very competitive region btw. I did 16 autocross events that year, I believe. Going to a track and doing 4-5, 20-30 minute full track sessions is WAY more stressful on the car than say three or four 50-60 second autocross course. My comment is about people putting this kind of wear and tear on their cars at a road course track...not an autocross...not a dragstrip. I am wondering how the 335i handles on track...and how much heat soak there will be on those blistering days when the thermometer tops 100 degrees.