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Originally Posted by S4to335 View Post
Going to a track and doing 4-5, 20-30 minute full track sessions is WAY more stressful on the car than say three or four 50-60 second autocross course. My comment is about people putting this kind of wear and tear on their cars at a road course track...not an autocross...not a dragstrip. I am wondering how the 335i handles on track...and how much heat soak there will be on those blistering days when the thermometer tops 100 degrees.

I have had the privilege to personally be at a road racing event this past summer and can say that the cars get punished much much more when used in road racing events than when auto crossed, (Not that I wouldn't take my car when I get it to an event or two )

I've heard that racing the car voids the warranty, can someone verify this?

Ps. Great picture!